1.  Local Anesthesia- is injections, or shots, given into the mouth to make the tooth numb prior to removing.  The amount of shots required depends on tooth location and how many teeth are to be removed.  The shots might be only slightly uncomfortable; however, there should be no pain when removing the teeth.   If you decide on local anesthesia you may drive yourself to the appointment and home.

2.  Oral sedation and nitrous oxide- a pill is prescribed which you will take one hour before your appointment to relax you.  In addition to the pill, nitrous oxide or laughing gas, will be administered along with local anesthetic (shots).  You will hardly feel the shots, or injections to numb the area.  With this technique you are more relaxed, however, you are still awake.  If you are mildly anxious, this is a good choice.  If you choose this method you will need a driver to and from you appointment.

3.  IV sedation-the medication is administered through an IV placed in your hand or arm.   You will drift in and out of sleep.  You will be asleep enough so that you will not care or remember what we’re doing.  If you are anxious, this is a good choice for you.  Most people prefer this method when having wisdom teeth removed.  This method requires you to have a driver to and from your appointment.